A Sweet Surgeon's Kindness 
9-year-old and his stuffed wolf get special treatment
 at Children’s Hospital Colorado
By Nadine Kalinauskas | Good News – Thu, 19 Sep, 2013 Email
Joshua Wade, 9, arrived at the Children's Hospital Colorado 
for an endoscopy on Friday.

He brought his favourite stuffed animal with him.

Before the procedure, Joshua asked his doctor, pediatric gastroenterologist Christine Waasorp Hurtado, if his stuffed wolf could also have surgery, 

as it had an inch-long hole in its 
right front leg.

"His parents said, 'No, no, no, 

they don't do wolf surgeries here,'" Hurtado told The Huffington Post. "They said they'd get him fixed 
up at home."

Hurtado, however, decided to accommodate youngster's request.

"As I walked into recovery I saw my sweet boy still asleep...on his tummy was that little wolf. It had been given a surgical mask and a leg cast. Upon further inspection, I observed that he had approximately 5 or 6 surgical quality sutures," Joshua's father, Kevin Wade, wrote on Facebook.
When Joshua woke up, his stuffed wolf was freshly stitched up beside him.

"As a result, Joshua spent his initial moments in recovery focusing on his wolf rather than any discomfort from his procedure. Fighting back tears I thanked the doctors and nurses. It was such a sweet gesture by busy, but caring professionals and I will never forget it. Neither will my little boy. I'm a lucky man," Wade added.

"It took me 5 minutes and it made such a huge difference for him," Hurtado told CNN's iReport,adding that she previously operated on a teddy bear for another young patient.

"Being part of a children's hospital, they really encourage us to go that little extra bit to make a difference for families and kids," she said.

According to CNN, a few days after Joshua returned home, he removed the wolf's bandages and declared him "all better."

Joshua, who suffered severe reflux as a baby, is also doing much better, thanks to a new gluten-free diet.



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