How one man is being the change in the world and inspiring all whom he meets!!!
Without hesitation or thoughts of safety, these heroic people risk life and limb to help.

NJ man begins 3,000 mile ‘Walk Across America’ in Portland to encourage acts of kindness

An instant and unhesitating act of aide and compassion... 
A massive stroke provides an INCREDIBLE insight for Neuroscientist Jill Bolte  as to how we can bring connectedness and compassion to our world.
A gift of kindness that keeps on giving! Generosity of spirit by Vitaly Zdorovetskiy mirrored & growing in hearts worldwide. Moving example of the ripple effect!!
 This new book was "inspired by Nelson Mandela's UN address, asking people to set aside 67 minutes for community work". Click here to find out more. Sneak peaks of some the moving stories can be seen below the ad on the news page. Enjoy!!
A moving example how the power of one can change the world!!!
Some great simple ideas that can change someones world...possibly forever. We have no way of knowing the ripple effect of the tiniest act of kindness...yet one thing is certain...the ripple outward will start from a place of love...
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